Thursday, February 23, 2006

Our Other Interests

Travel British Columbia is another of our sites. See the human in the cavity of the tree?

The photo to the left is Cathedral Grove on the highway to the West Coast of Vancouver Island.

We are next for the winter games, and we have the greatest area in the world to live and play in.

.....and last but definitely not the least of our interests:
Hamlet is our diabetic who managed to hide from insulin usage for about five years before a change in address, heavy construction machines for a whole summer, and loss of his best pal caused him to revert back to a diabetic state. The feline diabetes group we started was founded to help all who battle feline diabetes in a search for good answers with scientific backing, and new information around feline diabetes treatment.

Recently I have also added a page to this blog with some of the nutritional notes for felines that are not readily found on the net, partly as some of them come from the liturature I have purchased and studied, such as the three Iams Symposiums volumes, (not available online), the textbook put out by VIN, (Small Animal Clinical Nutrition), as well as the National Research Council's Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats (2006). Some of the information obtained in my studies is relevent to all feline owners, along with the diabetes group, and the intent is to share, hopefully with references where needed. There is some interesting material online produced by Iams at this site: Welcome to Science Online as well as a site posting some papers similar to the Iams Symposium papers, which is found here. If you have a cat, there is a lot of good material with countless reliable references if you take the time to look.

My reading material has also included Raw Meat Diets for Cats and Dogs? which I consider a good impartial evaluation of information available on this subject. Ann Martin's books were my original inspiration for researching into how my boys acquire the tools their bodies need to battle disease. My latest exploration is into the world of neurotoxins and excitotoxins, partly with a book called, Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills, by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., a neurosurgeon.

August 2007

Most recently I have added nutritional information for recommended daily allowances for cats, and for dogs, as it was presented in the latest volume of the National Research Council's book, Nutritional Requirements of Dogs and Cats, (2006)
Over time, I have also been repeating myself constantly when products such as colloidal silver are recommended for use with pets, and have decided to devote a page to storing this information online, in the hopes of being able to move on myself. The page is called, "Worth It? or Not."

February 2008

Between seed catalogs and reading corresponding credit card balances, one of the recent additions to my collection of books has been Veterinary Toxicology, Edited by Ramesh C Gupta which is another of those 20 pound 1200 page books, and why I have little time to update the blog!